Discover The "So Simple, Done For You"

System Of Practice Building Templates  

You Can Use To Grow Your Clinic 

Faster Than A Buttered Bullet   


The best practitioners don’t always get the patients they deserve    

…many go to the practitioner with the best advertising!


Dear colleague,


Let me get straight to the point:   


Your prospective patients are drowning in a sea of marketing – leaflets in papers, leaflets through the door and adverts galore – each and every one of them purporting to be the answer to their problem! 


                                                            Your patients are being swamped by advertisements trying to steal them away from you - if you don't stand out and do something different you will lose them forever! The Einstein Effect will prevent that from happening.


They are inundated with information offering them advice and telling what them what they should do – and yours is just one of the adverts they see. If your clinic material is just like every one else's and there's nothing to set you aside from the rest, nothing that differentiates your skills from the mediocre - why would they pick your clinic rather than the one down the road?  


Patients are faced with more choices than ever before and you need to do something which will differentiate you from the clutter, something which gets you noticed and something which makes people turn to you as their number one choice.

     Nowadays, it's as important to be as good at telling people what you can do as it is at actually doing it. This is because the money is in acquiring the patients – not the actual treatment!

    Read that last sentence again because it is vitally important.  

Let me explain: 


We are taught that we need to be the best at what we do – and up to a point that’s absolutely true. If you're absolutely terrible at what you do then it doesn’t matter how many patients you attract through your doors they’ll all leave as soon as possible and look elsewhere for someone who actually knows what they’re doing. 


But say you see you see one hundred patients a week.


If you’ve already got a success rate of 85, 90 or 95 percent then it's going to be incredible difficult to get an extra 25% - 50% (let alone twice as many) of them better. The figures just won’t allow it! 




…it's easily possible to get another 25 - 100% as many patients through the door to work on and - even if your skill level stays the same - your practice will expand, you'll help more people and your income will go up!

                                  The Einstein Effect - everything you need to make you stand out from the crowd and grow your practice fast!

 With all respect to Albert Einstein, I believe it should be EG = mc2


                                                Exponential Growth = more clients x more cash!


It doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it – there are only 3 ways to grow a practice


The first is to get more clients, the next is to treat them more often and the third is to get them to spend more each time they attend. To do this you need your marketing to make you stand out from the clutter - marketing that will help you bring more clients into your clinic, get you more referrals and get your clients to buy more of your products. 


Unlike most practice building materials which are touted by practitioners who have never run a clinic let alone run a successful one everything I am going to share with you isn’t just  theory – this is stuff that works in the real world!


All of the examples and samples included in The Einstein Effect are the actual templates I use in my own clinic. Your getting a personal “swipe file” of all the ideas and content you’ll ever need to create attention-grabbing, patient pulling, money-making marketing to drive a flood of new patients to your clinic. 


What I'm sharing is everything you'll ever need to make yourself stand out from every one else - in effect you'll have no competition. There's an old saying the first one gets the oyster the second gets the shell and with the help of The Einstein Effect I want you to the go-to practitioner when it comes to attracting patients into your clinic - and once your running at capacity your colleagues can have the patients who are left.


I not only show you what to do, I give you the templates, actual clinic examples, graphics and more to get you started as fast and easy as possible! I include everything you need to start a virtually “cut and paste” advertising bonanza of specific, proven examples and suggestions to help generate ideas and kick-start your own marketing efforts and campaigns. 


You're getting an entire disc of practice building marketing and response ideas, tips and content to help you create better, more profitable marketing in a fast, easy-to-implement way! Each idea should take longer than 20 minutes to read, fine-tune (by simply adding your name, clinic details and resizing the piece for example) and you're ready to go - ready to use the ideas you've created. 




No plain vanilla boring stuff here - The Einstein Effect has been designed for maximum response!



 I'm going to share with you everything you need to create patient referral pieces, product discount materials, fliers, reactivation letters, important notices, recall postcards etc. What's even better is everything i share with you is so easy to modify and adapt you can do it in you coffee break - or let the staff get on with it whilst you get down to the important business of getting people better!


Also included is the audio CD and transcript "The Einstein Effect Marketing Strategies 101". These are simple strategies you should be using to get you material acted upon – whether you use the templates or not. These ideas are so often overlooked yet so powerful that if their not done right they reduced the effectiveness of anything you create. The Einstein Effect is worth getting for this alone!


One of my favourite quotes comes from Earl Nightingale who said, "many a pilot has gone down with his plane preferring the familiarity of the cockpit to the unknown of the parachute".


The comfortable familiarity of running your business the way you are right now is just that: comfortable and familiar.


Question is... where's it taking you?


If you want results which are different to those you are getting at the moment then you are going to need a unique way to differentiate yourself from other clinics and create a distinctive style all of your own…  


....and The Einstein Effect will give you a massive head start in doing just that! 




  William J. Simmons 

PS: for more years than I care to remember Jack Trout (one of the greatest marketing minds there is) has been urging everyone to “differentiate or die” – be different or get lost in an avalanche or blandness. The Einstein Effect is your chance to be discover ways to be different, get noticed and profit from it!