You could soon be the proud owner of one of the greatest,  

practice building, clinic differentiating tools  

in the Western hemisphere!  

Don't believe me?

Then let me prove it to you...


   The Einstein Effect is a collection of 15 templates you can use as a blank foundation from which you can create your own great marketing pieces - or you use the examples given and just insert your own details to produce your own ready to implement strategies with minimal effort and a few clicks of the mouse.

     Easily edit and adapt each template for your own requirements - simply going from....

 Step one - plain background ready for your







 Step two - making it more eye catching





  step 3 - final Einstein Effect graphic

    and then just adding a few words (or use those I give you with each example) to finish the final eye-catching patient grabbing masterpiece:

Finished Einstein Effect masterpiece!

    Everything is so easy to alter you can leave your staff in charge!

      For example, if you have a different speciality - just type it in, save it and you're ready to print...

The Einstein Effect templates are incredibly easy to edit...


In minutes you can customise the example given - or create your own masterpieces from scratch...

    Or another example:


Eistein Effect border - ideal for anything you want to guarantee or look official!






Next step to brilliance


    then just add your text (or again use mine!) to create:

Done in minutes - a brand new piece!

   or using the templates you could create:


Another virtually done for you masterpiece! 


 Or, using the templates and the fonts provided you can create something like:


And another Einstein Effect masterpiece...

The list really does go on and on and on!

      With templates covering:



Newspaper articles,

Newspaper headlines,

Carnival posters,

Black boards,

White boards,



Birth certificates,


and some incredible bonus sections... gives you a virtually unlimited combination of templates, fonts, doodles, examples and graphics to create an endless number of adverts, posters and notices in minutes!